Ways to pay

Ways to pay.
When choosing a payment method, We look for options that are convenient, secure, and traceable in case of problems. Use the table below to compare payment methods.

Payment method


Credit card or debit card

We accept secure credit card or debit card payments through our site.



√ Payment is secure as we dont hold your card numbers on our site (They are passed direct to our acquiring bank on the checkout page and we have no access to the full numbers) also traceable. You can track the status of your payment using your credit card account.

√ Payment is a pre authorised transaction and and if everything is ok we will capture your payment when your item ships.

√ Provides limited liability coverage. Credit card companies typically provide some level of identity and purchase protection. Contact your credit card company to learn more.


You must type your credit card information into the website every time you order when you don't have an account.


Official purchase order

Now corporate, government and other official institutions can use this option.


√ 60 Days to pay

√ Credit limits of 5k to million.

√ Same day setup and approval

√ Help your cash flow with the generous 60 day term.

√ Manage your account online and pay by Direct debit.


X Low cost of 2.33% levied on each invoice.

X You will need an official order.

X Slower than electronic payment methods (approval and setup usually same working day)

Pay on collection

In addition to other allowed payment methods, we also offer this option.


√ Opportunity to inspect item in person at time of payment

√ Saves effort and cost of postage.

√ Buyers may use whatever payment method , including cash, PayPal, or credit card.


X Must coordinate collection location and time with store.

X You will need government photo I.D.

X Slower than electronic payment methods

X Protection varies by payment method.

X If your local you missing out on free local delivery on most items.

Direct Debit

If you have purchased a telecom product or support contract we require a direct debit mandate.

Sign up now to pay by direct debit.


√ Email every month of the upcoming charge

√ You are covered under the direct debit guarantee scheme


X Your bank may charge you a fee if you do not have enough funds in your account.

Other payment methods

Bank Transfer (Faster payments in the UK)    

√ Orders can be sent to third party addresses E.g.. work, direct to your customer & gifts to family

√ For cheques, most banks offer a stop payment service if problems arise before the cheque is cashed. Some postal order services might also have the option to stop payment if problems arise before the payment is cashed.

√ For bank transfers, payment is immediately deposited into the seller’s account.


X Slightly longer processing time while check's are done on your payment.

X For refunds we would send you a cheque.

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